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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Recruitment.

Everyone is talking about AI being introduced across different domains and how it is changing the way current work is being done!

Looking into the core definition of AI, it's a technology to mimic what human can do. The challenge and fun is how far can one reach to mimic herself/himself :) ? Just like any other technology advancement, it has it's own pros n cons. However, if we look at bright side of things, we can always make life better for people around us by using such technologies.

So, how do we mimic human actions into Human Resource domain, specifically speaking into Recruitment? There are various tools and advancements that multiple start ups and large companies have already made using AI into Recruitment space, but the point is whether they are capable to replace human recruiter and still do the justice to the job? I bet lot of people are thinking on this and the technology is advancing fast enough to provide such solutions. Imaging you receive a bot calling you and gathering details pertaining to your job interests, imagine it just asks you all the valid questions as well as make it fun filled conversation along with providing you best job options, imagine it is following up for your interviews, coordinating with panels and company, sending you emails and texts for the next actions and also gathering your documents, ensuring that you have smooth on boarding experience. Even sending communication and updating company about challenges, if they are faced during the entire cycle... Now that would I call AI into Recruitment! Isn't that sound great, I bet it is.

Are you ready to witness this using AI? Are you ready to experience this sheer magic of Bot driven Recruitment? It's coming your way and Volibot is going to bring you that experience!
Be ready for next wave in AI...Volibot is coming...

Kirtikumar Dhruv

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