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Hiring, Lay-Offs & Pandemic

Nowadays LinkedIn is flooded with posts about employees getting laid off. This pandemic has been harsh over everyone. From not getting enough sales to salary issues, every company, specially the start-ups, are facing some or the other hindrances. Though there are some who are happy to have been selected in a company, many out there are still seeking help. The Human Resource Department, moreover, are getting stuck somewhere in between. There’s a constant fight between laying off an employee and hiring the most suitable candidate.

Lay-offs are anyway brutal to any employee. While there are companies who are finding it difficult to retain the employees in such pandemic, there are many companies out there who are constantly hiring more and more candidates. With so many hiring on the way, why is it that people are unable to land themselves a job? Vice versa. With so many people looking for jobs, why is it that the companies are not able to find the perfect match? Maybe the word is not reaching the right audience. This is where we come into play. We can help the companies, specially start-ups, with their sourcing process.

We, at Voliskill, can help you source the best candidate in no time reducing your overall recruitment cost by more than 95%. Nobody wishes to pay a fortune and get nothing out of it. The pandemic is like an exam and we can help you get through it. We can make your tedious hiring process look like a cake walk with our special pricing. You’re going to pay a lot less and in return receive a lot more parallelly saving more than 95% of your overall recruitment cost. All you need to do is share the Job Description with us and we’ll do the rest. Take care of other essential tasks while we work on finding the perfect candidate for you. Not only just one candidate, we find you 3 best candidates ready to join you once selected in technical rounds. You have all the options to choose from. Are you up for this offering? Check out Voliskill and opt-in for suitable product that you want to buy!

Kriti Bhatt

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