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The Why & How of Sourcing.

Finding the right candidate has always been a top priority for any company. Lockdown and quarantine have doubled the struggle for gaining such a talent. With a number of layoffs happening, both the candidates and the recruiters are sailing in the same boat. More than the big organisations, it’s the start ups that are feeling the heat of cost pressures. That said, there are also opportunities for which they need to prepare and hire right talent.

Recruitment cost, as we all know, eats a big chunk of the budget allocated. It needs a lot of time, energy and money in almost equal proportions. Start-ups, in this case, wish to recruit the candidates who are easily available and can join as soon as possible (immediately, if you ask me). Since they have a time crunch, they struggle to identify the suitable talent. They sure have many options and portals to rely upon but the next step makes them dig deep into their pockets with a sudden realisation of their work deadlines.

Amidst all the time consumption, hefty charges and limited options comes the concept of Sourcing. It helps you get a skilled candidate in no time. With better candidates, this process focusses on the exact need of the hour, which is critically evaluating, selecting and sourcing the skilled profiles without intervening in the recruitment process hence eliminating almost 95% of the recruitment cost.

Sourcing as a Service has been adopted by Voliskill. Voliskill’s SaaS method deals with Permanent Staffing and Contract Staffing. We focus on providing skilled talent and searching the right fit as per the job description. We help Start-Ups get the candidates by using multiple channels and job portals. The search is majorly focussed on the relevant candidate with immediate availability thereby reducing the onboarding cycle for the start-ups. The process starts with the primary level of discussion leading to evaluation of their communication skills, attitude towards work and their suitability in the workplace by using the standard soft skill questionnaire. Once this is done, we provide a detailed overview of the candidate. The client gets up to 3 different profiles to choose from. All above is done withn 24-48 hrs after a requirement is landed. Voliskill helps you with all these and much more for a price beyond your expectations. You’re just a click away from getting the service of your choice.

So, stop looking at your watches and don’t worry about your pockets. Buy a pack of your choice, sit back, relax and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

Kriti Bhatt

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