Since 2019, Volibits has been your reliable ally in tackling intricate information and tech hurdles. With over 20 years of IT mastery, we specialize in Web/App/Software Development, Product Implementations, and Offshore Services. Guided by our founder's expertise and a skilled global team, we deliver customized solutions. We're not just about technical fixes; we drive meaningful cultural change to transform businesses.


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Volibits specializes in Web/App/Software Development, A.I.-powered HR-Tech and Content Management Products, Staff Augmentation, Web Platform, and Offshoring Services. Rooted in developer expertise, we deliver high-touch, relationship-driven results using cutting-edge technology. Combining industry experience with advanced resources, we mitigate business risks and help define your organization's core essentials and expectations.



Why Volibits



Mr. Kirtikumar Dhruv


Meet Mr. Kirtikumar Dhruv, the visionary CEO with 23+ years of IT expertise. As Volibits' driving force since 2019, he pioneers innovation in RPA, AI, HR-Tech, and ERPs. Under his leadership, Volibits serves global clients, transforming enterprises worldwide. Join his transformative journey into a future of limitless possibilities.

“In a boundless world of innovation, we redefine possibilities. With strategic vision and unwavering excellence, we transform challenges into opportunities. Join us in shaping a future where technology fuels positive change and empowers all.”

- Kirtikumar Dhruv, CEO, Volibits


We work with best clients



P Aggarwal

The Pristine Horizon

We have got high quality profiles to chose from. Reccomended for best candidates search. Thank you RaaS Team.

Nikhil Joshi


We are happy with qualty of profiles & turnaround time. Highly Reccomended.

Ramesh B.

My worp

This is what needed for startup in such critical time. Bang on, RaaS Team! Well done to come up with such a low cost model on recruitment. All The Best !

Payal Shah


These guys are doing an awesome job. Their budgeted plans actually proved to be a savior to hire the tech talent in the covid times. It was an absolute delight to work with Ms. Kriti, she thoroughly understands the staffing requirements and provided matching profiles, their turn around time is appreciable. All-in-all, I am very happy with their services.